Why Australia Needs To Recycle Lithium Batteries To Keep Up With Demand

Button cell batteries are used in a wide variety of everyday items like hearing aids, watches and calculators.

The most common types contain mercury, lithium, silver and other hazardous wastes.

These batteries are sorted by chemistry type and further processed after this.

Mercury and silver based button cell batteries that are dumped in landfills or incinerated will leak mercury toxins into water supplies and food chains. They should be recycled and not put in with normal trash.

Most watch repairers will take these batteries for recycling. Stores like Mister Minit, and Watch Works accept button cell batteries for recycling and replacement.

Why it’s important to recycle button cell batteries

Button cell batteries contain a range of valuable, and sometimes toxic materials. Safe recycling ensures these materials are kept out of the environment and retained in economically useful applications. Recycling also reduces the need to mine raw materials and the risks associated with resource extraction.

Ecocycle’s involvement in battery recycling actually began with button batteries. Some types contain mercury, the recycling of which sits at the core of our business.

Storing button cells safely for collection

Button cells can be mixed other cell-type batteries in our pre-paid collection buckets.

Button cell batteries are a little known but severe risk for children. Every week about 20 children in Australia present to hospitals with exposure by ingestion or insertion of button cell batteries. Chemical reactions can cause severe burns internally resulting in serious injury or death.

Keep these batteries out of sight and reach of small children. If you don’t have a battery collection bucket that is stored in a child-proof cupboard drop of used batteries at a collection centre as soon as possible. Even flat batteries can still be dangerous.

Call the Poisons Information Hotline – 13 11 26 – for treatment information.


Start recycling button cell batteries today

Button cell batteries don’t take up much space, or our pre-paid battery buckets provide an ideal solution for businesses generating up to five litres of battery waste per year. To get started give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 or fill in the form below: