EPA licensed vehicle transport

Ecocycle operates its own fleet of company-owned vehicles.

Vehicles are EPA licensed where necessary and capable of safely handling all load requirements. Drivers are all full time employees and have the appropriate training for handling all waste loads.

Tray truck

Tray truck

  • Great solution for mid-sized loads.
  • Can handle wheelie bin loads, Nally bins and drums.
Ecocycle truck

Crane truck

  • For bulk loads where a forklift is not available or is inappropriate.
  • Crane can lift up to 3,000 kg.
Hook Truck

Hook truck

  • For the largest bulk loads.
  • Allows for packaging of waste for efficient transport.


  • For smaller jobs.
  • Great for busy commercial environments including city areas.
  • Ideal for servicing pre-paid battery buckets customers.