For businesses that require a larger, robust solution to capture their used battery waste. If you’re looking for something smaller, we also offer battery buckets for recycling batteries.

Our range of larger batter recycling solutions includes:

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins

  • Up to 120 litre wheelie bins to ensure safe weight limits are not exceeded.
  • Can hold up to 150 kg.
Tailored Battery Collection


  • Drums can be easily palletised allowing large volumes of batteries to be collected.
  • 4 drums per pallet.
  • Up to 200 kg per drum.
Nally Bins

Nally bins

  • A forkliftable more permanent solution for bulk used battery volumes.
  • Can hold up to 1000 kg.
  • Stackable for larger volumes.

What types of batteries can I recycle with bins and drums?

All of the following battery types are accepted in our wheelie bins, drums and nally bins:

Nicad batteries

NiCad batteries

Battery Recycling

Alkaline batteries

Single Use Batteries

Single use batteries

Rechargable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Are rechargeable batteries recyclable?

NiMH batteries

A lithium ion battery

Lithium batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries

Mobile phones recycling

Mobile phone batteries

Laptop Batteries

Laptop batteries

Button Cell Batteries

Button cell batteries