How social media is changing the face of recycling

How Social Media Is Changing The Face Of Recycling

The way we communicate and obtain information has changed dramatically in just a few short years.

Social media platforms have exploded across our screens and provide a constant avalanche of information.

Social media influences many parts of our personal lives, but it also puts businesses under more scrutiny than ever.

A decade ago businesses could largely control their message. Now, social media provides every employee, ex-employee, supplier and customer – in fact, pretty much anyone – with a megaphone in which to praise, criticise or comment on every business out there.

Wins for waste generators

For one thing, corporate social responsibility (CSR) matters to millennials. It influences what they buy, where they work, what they invest in and the products and services they recommend to others. That means there are rewards for businesses that do the right thing, and penalties for those that don’t.

Recycling is a core component of corporate responsibility. It’s also really easy for businesses to establish effective recycling programs, not just for common wastes such as paper and plastic, but also more specialised types of waste, including batteries, lighting waste, e-waste, mining and industrial waste, and even old dental fillings.

Not only does this deliver clear environmental benefits, it also provides companies with something to crow about. And your stance on recycling doesn’t just have to be buried in the CSR section of your annual report that nobody reads – it can be championed in regular posts on social media platforms that can potentially be seen and shared by millions.

Benefits for recyclers

Recyclers, too, can benefit from a strong presence on social media. Many people still don’t realise how many strange and unusual things can be recycled. Social media is a great way to spread that knowledge to both the consumer and corporate markets.

We live on a planet of limited resources, and the more people know about what can be recycled and how to do it properly, the better for everyone. It’s a cooperative effort, and through social media both waste generators and recycling companies can work together to enhance their joint reputations as they educate people.

How Social Media Is Changing The Face Of Recycling

Be genuine

One thing to pay attention to: not only are millennials monitoring the messages put out by companies; social media provides access to information from insiders and environmental organisations.

Unlike traditional media, social media operates in two directions. Users can ask questions, seek recommendations and get answers like never before, and any hint of ‘greenwashing’ can undo years of effort in building a good image.

Ideal partners

As a specialist recycling company, Ecocycle is ideally positioned to help companies improve their environmental performance, enhance their reputations and develop good stories to share through social media.

Not only is Ecocycle Australia’s most experienced recycler of mercury-containing waste, it also offers commercial-scale recycling of batteries and e-waste.

To find out how we can help you with a recycling program, call us on 1300 32 62 92, or fill out the form below and one of our recycling specialists will be in touch.

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