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What can mining companies recycle?

Mining companies can recycle

In many respects, mining companies can recycle the same things that everyone does – paper and cardboard, plastic bottles, batteries and other e-waste, and steel and aluminium cans.

While that may be pretty easy for mining company offices located in towns and cities with established recycling services, for mine sites located in remote areas the logistics may make the recycling of these everyday items an expensive and impractical task.

But even though there might be a difference between what mining companies can recycle and what they do recycle, the massive volumes of materials they handle and the scale of the equipment they use provide plenty of recycling opportunities.

Recycling mining machines

From trucks to trains to ore crushing and ship loading equipment, the machines used in mining can be huge. Vehicles and port infrastructure contain a lot of steel that is fully recyclable. Big tyres and conveyor belts also contain plenty of rubber that can be recycled or converted to fuel. Once again, the economics mean that this often doesn’t happen.

Recycling tailings and tips

As mining technology improves, or during times of high commodity prices, it can become economical to re-process old mine tailings. Tailings can still contain low levels of the minerals that it may not have been worthwhile extracting when they were originally processed.

An exciting area where mining companies can apply their expertise is landfill mining. This is where, for a variety of reasons, old landfill sites are excavated and the materials processed. The main reason might be to remove hazardous materials but, in the process, valuable recyclable materials can also be recovered.

Mercury recycling and recovery

While some mercury is deliberately mined, this toxic metal also turns up as a by-product of mining other metals including zinc, gold and silver. Rather than being left in the tailings stream, it’s important this mercury is recovered so it can be safely used for a variety of purposes.

Ecocycle possess the equipment and expertise to extract mercury from mining concentrates, contaminated soil, sludge and other materials. This doesn’t just protect the environment; it can also increase the value of the decontaminated product, be it precious metals or land.

Call Ecocycle today on 1300 32 62 92 or fill in the form below to see how we can help recycle your mercury waste. While we’re at it, we can also develop e-waste and battery recycling solutions to suit you, too.

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