Pat A Pig Or Go Into Hiding: Extreme Ways To Address Dentist Phobia


How would you like to start your next visit to the dentist? Fondle a ferret? Pat a pig? Or perhaps chase a dachshund? These are some of the possibilities at the practice of Welsh dentist Dr Mark Boulcott. In addition to pigs, ferrets and dogs, Mark’s ‘zoo’ has terrapins, horses and a variety of birds […]

Find What You’re Looking For On Our New Website

The Ecocycle website

Since our change of ownership earlier this year we’ve been working hard to re-commission equipment, process the backlog of waste left by the former owners and restore Ecocycle to its position as Australia’s premier recycler of mercury. To compliment these changes behind the scenes, we’ve also created a brand new website. The new website reflects […]

Where Does Mercury Come From?

mercury waste

Mercury is an environmental hazard that is used by industry, which can cause mercury poisoning and deadly Minamata Disease, but where exactly does it come from? Fact is, it is a natural part of our environment. It occurs pretty much everywhere, but mostly in such tiny quantities that it doesn’t cause any harm. The problem is […]

Behold The Beauty Of The Humble Light Bulb

Close up of incandescent light bulb

Good old incandescent globes have been lighting our way for over a century. Most of us install them and discard them without a second look, but have you ever peered inside a light globe and wondered how these little marvels of engineering are made? Here’s the video to satisfy your curiosity. Watch carefully for the […]

Will Australia Follow The US On Amalgam Separators?

Old dental surgery

The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recently released a proposal to require dental practices to install amalgam separators to control the discharge of dental amalgam pollutants. In the US, dental offices are the largest single source of the mercury that flows through water treatment works, contributing about half of total amount of mercury that […]

Extra Cash Every Week For Victorian Sparkies with VEET

Australian money

Victorian electrical contractors are saving their customers heaps of money just by changing a few light globes. With a lot of the cost covered by a state government rebate, householders and businesses are jumping at the chance to ditch their halogens, incandescent globes and even fluorescent lighting in favour of new, energy efficient lights. That’s […]

The Victorian Scheme That Helps Sparkies Help The Environment

The VEET helps Victorian electricians help the environment

UPDATE: If you’re a sparky that wants to get started with the VEET scheme, click here to find out how. The VEET is a fantastic initiative, and one that we fully support. Electricians can actually make money by helping households and businesses to save money.  The scheme makes it cheaper to ditch energy-guzzling appliances and […]