FAQs eWaste Mercury Recycling

E-waste can be described as any discarded electronic or electrical devices or their parts, including used computers, entertainment devices, mobile phones and TVs. In fact any item which uses electricity.

Almost all types of e-waste including TVs, phones, printers, computers, screens.

The cost depends on the type and of quantity e-waste. For large quantities it is usually cheaper to recycle based on weight plus freight. Contact Eco e-waste to discuss the best option for your organisation.

This can vary from state to state. Most are introducing bins and promoting recycling to stop this waste going to landfill. Check with the EPA for more details.

Ecocycle is not able to provide this service to individuals but works with many local councils who provide e-waste recycling for their residents as do some retailers.

Yes. Recycling Certificates are available on request.

Manual and automated processes are used to maximise the recovery rate of recyclable items. The glass can be used to make such items as glass wool insulation; the metals are recycled as scrap metal; the mercury must be retired as per the Minamata convention (  Minamata Convention on Mercury ( ); the phosphor powder is further recycled to recover rare earth metals.

We can service most areas of Australia.  Visit our Contact page or call us on 1300 32 62 92 for more details.