State of the Art Mercury Recovery and Recycling

Ecocycle are Australasia’s state of the art licensed mercury recovery and recycling specialists.

Ecocycle are part of the Recycal recycling group and are Australia’s most experienced mercury recycling company. With allied operations in battery and e-waste recycling the company continues to expand with major investments through its Ecobatt and EcoE-waste subsidiaries.

Recently Ecocycle was approved as a service provider to the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Ecocycle have also expanded their scope of operations into mercury and NORM waste management for the oil & gas, mining and power industries, with the acquisition of equipment and technology from the BMT mercury group in WA.

Only together can we make Australia cleaner.

Mercury Recovery Services

Ecocycle is Australasia’s most experienced mercury recovery and recycling company.

We are the only company to be fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Agencies in each state to handle the entire process of recycling mercury-containing waste.


Ecocycle is the only company in Australia with the experience to handle, process, and recycle the mercury contained in the many complex waste streams generated by the mining, gas, and petro-chemical industries.


If you’ve got lighting, batteries or e-waste that need recycling, let Australia’s biggest mercury recycler tailor the perfect solution for you. We can arrange easy, convenient collection solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.


Dental and medical facilities have a lot of products that include mercury waste. Let Australia’s biggest mercury recycler tailor the perfect solution for you. We can arrange easy, convenient collection solutions tailored to meet your needs.


Ecocycle in partnership with Ecobatt, our battery recycling company, will safely recover mercury from button cell batteries. 


In partnership with our electronic waste recycling company Eco e-Waste, Ecocycle recover mercury from fluorescent tubes contained within monitors and laptops.

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How your workplace can run its own e-waste recycling scheme
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E-waste impact continues to grow

Without a doubt the impact of e-waste continues to grow with its significant impact on the environment.     Indeed, only 12% of the nation’s computers are recycled. At this time, Australia is the fourth highest generator of e-waste per capita in the world.  Poorly managed e-waste means heavy metals and hazardous waste such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants leak into the environment.  Clearly, the risks of data leaks are also increased if the device’s storage aren’t carefully treated.

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Mercury Batch distiller

Managing Mercury Risk

Managing mercury risk is an important issue for many Australian industrial companies.  Mercury causes very harmful and lasting health impacts due to its toxicity.  The

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Recycling Group

The Ecocycle group is arguably Australia’s foremost group of recycling companies offering reliable efficient and sustainable solutions.

Specialises in the safe collection, processing and recycling of battery products to protect our environment now and future generations.

A specialist electronics recycling company that has the national coverage to pick up, process and sort all e-waste arisings into a comprehensive range of materials that are suitable for a range of recycling processes.

Australia’s foremost scrap metal recycling company. It's state-of-the-art processing equipment enables it to specialise in upgrading metals into value added separated materials.

This new business aims to tackle the recycling of hard and soft plastics and convert them into re-usable plastic pallets