Ecobatt: Battery recycling solutions for your business

Recycle all types of batteries to safely recover mercury, lead, silver, nickel, cadmium, steel and plastic. Let us tailor a solution for you.

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Ecobatt: State of the art battery recycling

Go behind the scenes with our state of the art battery recycling and sorting machinery.

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Only together can we make Australia cleaner

Ecocycle is Australasia's state of the art licensed mercury recycler.

Ecobatt: Battery recycling

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Lighting & e‑waste recycling

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Dental & medical recycling

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Mining, gas & petroleum recycling

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Ecocycle - Australasia's premium licensed mercury recycler

Our goal is to encourage people and organisations to recycle mercury and make Australia a cleaner, safer place for our children and future generations.

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Our commitment to the community

We believe it is our duty to inform and educate people, industry and our future generations about how to act responsibly when it comes to recycling mercury-based materials. Together, we need to recycle to make our precious environment a safe place for kids to play.

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