FAQs Recycling Lights & Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), mercury vapour and metal halide lamps, sodium lamps, neon lights, halogen (dichroic) downlights, incandescent globes, projector lamps and more. In fact all types of lighting waste.

The cost depends on the type of lamp and the quantity of lamps. For large quantities it is usually cheaper to recycle based on weight plus freight. For smaller quantities we can provide pre-paid boxes which are delivered, picked up and the contents recycled all for one price. Contact us now to discuss the best option for your organisation.

Unfortunately not! The cost of processing the lamps exceeds the value of the materials recovered.

About 350 x 14 watt CFLs or about 300 x 60 watt incandescent globes will fit in a Ecocycle Globe Box

Approximately 1,500 4 ft (36 watt) T8 tubes will fit in a 2.2 cubic metre stillage.

Yes. Most State governments ban all lamps from going into landfill.

We prefer to receive intact lamps but we can receive broken lamps.

Ecocycle is not able to provide this service to individuals, but works with many local councils who provide lamp recycling for their residents. Some lighting retailers will also accept lamps for recycling. See for available programs.

Yes. Recycling certificates are available on request.

The glass can be used to make such items as glass wool insulation; the metals are recycled as scrap metal; the mercury must be retired as per the Minamata convention ( Homepage | Minamata Convention on Mercury ( ); the phosphor powder is further recycled to recover rare earth metals.

We can service all areas of Australia and New Zealand.  Contact us online or call 1300 32 62 92 to confirm.