Mercury Recovery & Recycling

Mining, Gas & Petro-Chemical Waste

Australia’s most knowledgeable and qualified processors of the mercury contained in the by-products from  mining companies, extracting and refining their ores, and the waste streams resulting from the various recovery procedures in the gas and petro-chemical industries.

Ecocycle is the prominent company in Australia with the unrivalled experience to handle, process, and recycle the mercury contained in the many complex waste streams generated by the mining, gas, and petro-chemical industries.

From the full range of mercury-contaminated catalysts, activated charcoal carbon and sludges, through to contaminated soil and mining ores, we do it all.

While we work with many of the larger waste companies, we also work directly with larger industrial clients. When you choose Ecocycle, you can be confident that you are accessing the latest technology in large, EPA approved processing facilities all around Australia

Safe Removal of Mercury

The safe removal of mercury from mining concentrates, fouling, contaminated soils, gasses, and sludge can greatly increase the value of the associated precious metals, products and decontaminated land.

Most importantly, mercury recovery protects our environment, helping companies meet regulatory requirements around Australia.

The Minamata Convention on mercury is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury.  Countries that ratified the convention are bound by international law to put controls in place.  Mercury is a metal that needs to be respected and handled correctly, and we all have a responsibility to ensure this happens.  In December, 2021 Australia ratified the Minamata Convention.

Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that can have dangerous effects on people, eco systems and wildlife.  It can harm the immune system, brain, heart, kidney and lungs of people and animals.  The effects of mercury can occur at very low levels.

Lets work together to keep mercury out of our environment.


Resources companies rely on the services of Ecocycle

With new mines coming online or expanding and different grades of ore being found, more and more resource companies are using the services of Ecocycle. It’s a similar story with gas and oil developments and down-stream processors.

We work with engineers, environmental consultants, and design teams. If there is mercury in your feed stock we are happy to discuss the solutions we can provide for the recovery and safe retirement of that mercury.

Acquisition of BMT

Through its acquisition of the BMT operation in WA in 2022, Ecocycle has continued to upgrade its services to arguably become a global leader in Mining and NORM Waste Management.

Mercury and NORM are naturally occurring elements produced as a by-product of many oil and gas, mining and power plant operations that have inherent major risks for the environment, people, and operations.  Through the application of sound holistic management practices Ecocycle can assist its clients develop practical total mercury and NORM management solutions.

Other services include

  • Waste Analysis
  • Mercury and NORM waste treatment
  • Decontamination strategies to remove mercury and NORM contamination from inside pipes, vessels, exchangers, and other metals and equipment

At Ecocycle safety is a primary objective with customized solutions for all mercury issues

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