About Us

State of the Art Mercury Recycling and Recovery

Ecocycle is Australasia’s most experienced mercury recycling and recovery company.

We are the only company to be fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Agencies in each state to handle the entire process of recycling mercury-containing waste.

Our state of the art equipment allows us to safely recover mercury from:


We continue to invest in new equipment and purpose-built sites, recycling mercury in every capital city in Australia. Ecocycle is part of Recycal, an experienced metal recycling group that provides a range of metal recycling solutions.

Mercury recycling equipment

We offer more than just a recycling service.

Through our exclusive agency agreements with Swedish companies MRT Systems, the leading manufacturer of mercury recycling equipment, and Sweden Recycling (SRAB), the leading manufacturer of amalgam separators, we also supply a range of quality mercury recovery equipment throughout Australia.

Our History

Ecocycle Industries was formed in 1996 to focus on silver recovery. As digital technology took over the imaging industry, it turned its attention to mercury, and in 2000 Ecocycle purchased ARA. ARA had been recycling mercury for some years but was experiencing a number of difficulties, so Ecocycle Industries set about the task of modernising the equipment and educating industry on the importance of mercury recycling.

Later in 2007 CMA Corporation bought Ecocycle Industries and changed the name to CMA Ecocycle. Key members of the original Ecocycle management team left the business in 2010 and formed metals recycling company Recycal.

In late 2013 CMA Corporation went into administration. Left without a viable mercury recycling service, industry encouraged the original management of CMA Ecocycle Industries to again take on the role of Australia’s leading mercury recycler. Later in 2013 Recycal took over all assets of CMA Ecocycle, including the name, and with great support from MRT Systems quickly put neglected equipment back into service.

In 2019, the CMA was dropped, and the company was rebranded as Ecocycle.

In recent years Ecocycle has become a major player in recycling with the establishment of Ecobatt, as the pre-eminent  recycler of all types of household batteries and the founder of Eco E-waste. 

Eco E-waste is  specialist e-waste recycling company for all types of electrical appliances, computers, televisions and electrical appliances. 

Ecocycle have also expanded their investments in the mining, gas and petroleum industries with the acquisition of mercury and NORM waste manager, BMT in WA.

Minamata Convention

The understanding of the dangers of mercury from eating fish was first noticed in the mid-1950’s when Japanese fisherman in Minamata city were found to be suffering neurological problems because of mercury poisoning. Over the last sixty years organizations such as the WHO have listed mercury as possibly the most dangerous chemical of major public concern. Mercury is heavily toxic and can severely harm the immune system impacting the brain, heart, kidneys and lungs of both humans and animals.

Mercury is contained in a wide range of equipment including measuring devices (barometers, etc) switches & X rays, fluorescent tubes, HD lamps, batteries, cosmetics, pesticides, biocides, dental amalgam, and some pharmaceutical products. Mercury is also used in some industrial processes that produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide, or vinyl chloride monomer for polyvinyl chloride.

In 2013 the Minamata convention was established as an international treaty that seeks to protect human health and the environment from emissions or releases of mercury or mercury compounds. In a day to day sense the treaty aims to effectively reduce the amount of mercury going into landfill and to encourage more effective recycling practices. 136 nations signed up to the convention, including Australia, with it becoming effective nationally here from March 2021.

With its implementation mercury could not be sold for recycling overseas. One of the major sources of mercury pollution in Australia is from florescent tubes & HD lamps where perhaps only 10% of these are adequately recycled. Various state governments have now legislated under EPA legislation to treat fluorescent tubes as hazardous waste, setting up an array of drop off points where consumers can drop their used tubes.

Ecocycle can now offer a comprehensive solution to the recycling of mercury across a range of industries.

Company News

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