Mercury Recovery & Recycling

Fluorescent Lamp & Mercury Lighting Waste Recycling

If you’ve got lighting waste, let Australia’s largest lighting and mercury recycler tailor the perfect solution for you.

While fluorescent (fluoro) tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were an energy-efficient way of lighting our world, they contain mercury which is a toxic metal that needs to be properly recycled and kept out of our environment.  LED lighting is taking over from these older mercury lighting products and slowly they can be expected to be phased out over the next 4-5 years.

Although the amount of mercury in each tube or lamp may seem small, the millions of lamps discarded each year make up the largest source of mercury going into Australian land fil

Ecocycle's world class, LP600 Light Waste Processing Plant.

The only nationally EPA approved & licenced mercury recycler and the biggest in Australasia

Keeping mercury-containing lighting waste out of land fill is easy. As a lamp recycler, Ecocycle provides a comprehensive service for the collection and recycling of lamps, fluorescent tubes and light globes.

Even better, we don’t just recover mercury. Fluorescent tubes and lamps also contain glass, aluminium and other metals which are recycled into new products, reducing Australia’s overall carbon footprint.


Collection programs tailored to your unique needs

Every business is unique. Our lighting waste specialists can work closely with you and your team to develop the best lamp disposal and recycling solution for your business.

We have large and small stillages, boxes of various sizes and wheely bins to help collect old globes and lamps, which are ready to be recycled. Ask us for the best solution to suit your needs.

Our pre-paid boxes are ideal for smaller quantities of lighting waste. Larger stillages suit bulk amounts. We have our own crane trucks, trucks with tailgate loaders, and vans for smaller pick-ups.

Ecocycle also accept your old ballasts, lighting frames that hold the globes or tubes, and old wiring.  We have a range of bins we can help you with to put these metal components in – Just ask for a size to suit your needs.

Meet your ISO14001 accreditation goals

Meet your certification and environmental policy targets. We provide recycling certificates on request, helping you meet your sustainability requirements and win important tenders.

Government schemes and rebates

Many states offer recycling schemes that can provide additional financial incentives to recycle your lighting waste. Contact us to find out if any of these schemes apply to you.

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