Profiting from the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET)

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) makes it cheaper for both businesses and householders to improve their energy efficiency. Since launching in January 2009, VEET provides a rebate for replacing old, inefficient appliances or sealing windows. A major area is getting rid of halogen lights and fluorescent tubes, and replacing them with LEDs, creating a fantastic opportunity for electrical contractors.

Mercury and the environment

Mercury is the most hazardous metal on the EPA’s list of industrial pollutants. If not handled or recycled correctly it is a very potent neurotoxin to humans. The largest source of mercury pollution entering our landfills is from the dumping of mercury containing fluorescent tubes and HID lamps. Australians consume over 60 million fluorescent tubes and HID lamps every year. Only around 10% of these are recycled, with the balance being dumped into landfill.

Learning centre

Ecocycle is looking to work with government to introduce a 'hands on' recycling and learning experience that could change attitudes in future generations, as well as educating them on the importance of responsible recycling.

It’s about changing minds and cultures, and empowering our future leaders with new ways of thinking and acting.

Frequently asked questions

We are here to help. Search through our questions and answers regarding products containing mercury and what you can recycle in lighting, e-waste and dental and medical. products If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us via our website form.


Recycling Group

The Ecocycle group is arguably Australia’s foremost group of recycling companies offering reliable efficient and sustainable solutions.

Specialises in the safe collection, processing and recycling of battery products to protect our environment now and future generations.

A specialist electronics recycling company that has the national coverage to pick up, process and sort all e-waste arisings into a comprehensive range of materials that are suitable for a range of recycling processes.

Australia’s foremost scrap metal recycling company. It's state-of-the-art processing equipment enables it to specialise in upgrading metals into value added separated materials.

This new business aims to tackle the recycling of hard and soft plastics and convert them into re-usable plastic pallets