Mercury and the environment

Mercury and the environment – Mercury is the most hazardous metal on the EPA’s list of industrial pollutants. If not handled or recycled correctly it is a very potent neurotoxin to humans.

The largest source of mercury pollution entering our landfills is from the dumping of mercury containing fluorescent tubes and HID lamps. Australians consume over 60 million fluorescent tubes and HID lamps every year. Only around 10% of these are recycled, with the balance being carelessly dumped into landfill sites across Australia.

Close behind the mercury waste from the lighting industry is the waste going into our environment from the dental industry. Currently only 7% of dentists have the recycling facilities available. This is so unnecessary as there are simple separation systems and collection programs provided by Ecocycle right across Australia. These systems are cheap too only costing around $2 per patient.

Ecocycle provides effective solutions for the safe disposal of a wide range of mercury-containing wastes.

Contact us on 1300 32 62 92 to find out more about safe solutions for the handling of your mercury-containing waste.

Options for householders

Although Ecocycle mostly services companies and government departments we want to help householders do the right thing. We have worked with local councils to establish a number of fluorescent lamp and battery recycling programs around Australia.

Talk to your local council about lamp and battery recycling opportunities in your area. If there aren’t any, write to your council and tell them how Ecocycle can help them establish a collection program.

Products containing mercury

Below is a table of common items containing mercury:

Fluorescent tubes and lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps
Fluorescent U-Tubes
Linear Fluorescent Lamps
Mercury Reduced Fluorescent Lamps
Mercury Vapour Lamps
Metal Halide Lamps
Sodium Vapour Lamps
UV Lamps

Medical Devices

Oesophageal Dilators
Gastrointestinal Tubes
Mercury Compounds
Displacement and Contractor Relays
Wetted Reed Relays


Float Switches
Pressure Switches
Temperature Switches
Tilt Switches

Thermometers and Thermostats

Industrial Thermometers
Laboratory Thermometers
Thermostat Probes

Other Items

Dental Amalgam
Barometers and Vacuum Gauges
Flame Sensors
LCD Computer Monitors & TV Screens

Ecocycle is Australia’s leading EPA-licensed mercury recycling company. If you work with and handle mercury, get in touch with us so we can dispose of it safely and keep the harmful pollutant out of our environment.

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