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Dental and Medical Mercury Recycling

The Australian Dental Association suggests that currently there are approx. 14,000 dentists working across the public and private sectors in around 10,000 dental practices.  The market size is estimated at approx. $8.4 billion dollars per annum.  Over the last decade, like many other professions, administration of patient records and x-rays has moved to the cloud with digital management a strong focus for successful practices. ecoCycle manage dental and medical mercury recycling services for dental amalgam and medical x-rays.

Whilst the statistics show that the use of dental amalgam is decreasing, with an ageing population, surgeries are still removing considerable amalgam fillings. The increased sophistication of dental chair equipment has meant the collection of dental amalgam is now a more seamless exercise with the five major Australian providers supplying inbuilt dental amalgam retention systems in their suction systems.

In the US the Dental Association has made the use of amalgam separators’ mandatory.  In the UK perhaps 80% of dentists are collecting amalgam, with Australia adopting a more voluntary code and recovering approx. 25% of amalgam.  With Australia now ratified to the Minamata Convention the importance of removing mercury from sewer systems has become extremely important.  Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that can have dangerous effects on people, ecosystems and wildlife.  It can harm the immune system, brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs of people and animals.  The effects of mercury exposure can occur at very low levels.  It can travel long distances in our oceans and the atmosphere, and can offset human health, and the environment, even in remote locations.

Ecocycle, can service all the brands of amalgam separators but has also invested in a versatile separator that is able to collect amalgam waste on an as needs basis. The ECOASO4 separators are a versatile universal unit which can fit all types of suction systems and have ISO 11 143 certification.

Ecocycle will supply these engineered containers to dentists and exchange them on an annual basis.    Ecocycle offers a comprehensive  national service for collection of coarse amalgam, lead tabs, capsules, fixer, developer and x-ray films.

The company participates in dental shows around the country and supports the ADA in creating greater awareness of the dangers from mercury contamination and the importance of safe and efficient recycling.

Dental amalgam recycling made easy

Amalgam fillings are safe for most peopleDental amalgam (‘silver fillings’) have been used as a reliable, efficient, long-lasting and safe filling material for over 100 years. Even if you don’t use amalgam fillings, dentists extract countless amalgam fillings every year.

If not correctly disposed of, amalgam breaks down, releasing dangerous mercury into our waterways and the environment. In fact, the mercury from just one amalgam tooth filling is enough to pollute 30,000 litres of water beyond the safe level for drinking. With the average dental practice generating about one kilogram of mercury waste each year, it adds up pretty quickly.

Fortunately, in-line with the Australian Dental Association and FDI World Dental Association’s recommendations, most brands of dental chairs are fitted with amalgam separators to trap any excess amalgam going into the sewer system.  

Once captured in the amalgam separator, these filters need to be cleaned and the amalgam captured and recycled to prevent mercury entering our sewer system. That’s where we come in as part of our combined responsibility; Ecocycle provide a new amalgam retention container when we pick up your used amalgam separator. 

Keeping mercury waste out of our waterways and landfill is easy. As Australisia’s biggest mercury recycler, Ecocycle provides a comprehensive service for the collection, cleaning and recycling of amalgam waste.`

Ecocycle are the only nationally EPA approved & licenced mercury recycler and the biggest in Australasia.

Amalgam separator

Do you already have an amalgam separator?
Most major dental chairs already come with an amalgam filter installed. We are equipped to service ALL brands of amalgam separators, including Cattani, Metasys, Durr, William Green and Sirona.
Need an amalgam separator? Yes you do!!

The ECOAS04 Amalgam Separator (download brochure) offers a total solution to amalgam waste. Ecocycle can provide and install the unit, collect and process the waste.

On top of that all our amalgam separators come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, as long as the unit is serviced every 12 months.

As you see, it really is easy to step up to a more responsible dental amalgam recycling system anywhere in Australia.

The average cost of recycling your amalgam waste is around $500 per year- this cost is not an impediment to most practices.  A small price to pay for protecting our environment  and the community.


As Australia’s leading EPA-licensed mercury recycling company, Ecocycle specialise in recycling dental materials, with tailored solutions for your clinic.

Dental facilities have a lot of products that include mercury waste.  Let Australia’s biggest mercury recycler tailor the perfect solution for you.

We can arrange easy, convenient collection solutions to meet your unique needs, and environmental targets. Plus, we have recycling facilities all over Australia, servicing every state and territory.

Recycling options for the industry

Sphygmomanometers (blood pressure meters), thermometers, oesophageal dilators and other medical items can contain large quantities of mercury.

Ecocycle provides a collection and recycling service for all types of mercury-containing medical equipment.

X-Ray, photographic & printing waste

Ecocycle’s environmentally friendly silver recovery process helps to protect our waterways and environment. We make it easy for Australian businesses such as hospitals, radiology clinics and other health services that use X-ray imaging to recycle their X-rays and associated films. We recover silver from X-Ray, photographic and lithographic films and their associated developers and fixers. We also recycle aluminium plates from the printing industry.

Ecocycle certifies that all materials are recycled in accordance with EPA guidelines.

Make the responsible choice. Call 1300 32 62 92 to find out how you can properly dispose of your medical waste.

Make sure you use a dental certificate, not a lighting one.

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