Dental & medical recycling services

Dental and medical facilities have a lot of products that include mercury waste, let Australia’s biggest mercury recycler tailor the perfect solution for you.

We can arrange easy, convenient collection solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, and meet environmental targets. Plus, we have recycling facilities all over Australia.

Learn more about our specific dental & medical recycling services below:

Recycling Dental Amalgam Couldn’t Be Easier

Recycling dental amalgam & other medical waste for clinics

Dental amalgam (‘silver fillings’) have been used as a reliable, efficient, long-lasting and safe filling material for over 100 years. Even if you don’t use amalgam fillings, dentists extract countless amalgam fillings every year.

Keeping mercury waste out of our waterways and landfill is easy. As Australisia’s biggest mercury recycler, Ecocycle provides a comprehensive service for the collection, cleaning and recycling of amalgam waste.

Recycling options for the medical industry

Sphygmomanometers (blood pressure meters), thermometers, oesophageal dilators and other medical items can contain large quantities of mercury.

Ecocycle provides a collection and recycling service for all types of mercury-containing medical equipment.

X-Ray Recycling

X-Ray, photographic & printing waste

Ecocycle’s environmentally friendly silver recovery process helps to protect our waterways and environment. We make it easy for Australian businesses such as hospitals, radiology clinics and other health services that use X-ray imaging to recycle their X-rays and associated films. We recover silver from X-Ray, photographic and lithographic films and their associated developers and fixers. We also recycle aluminium plates from the printing industry.

Ecocycle certifies that all materials are recycled in accordance with EPA guidelines.

Make the responsible choice. Call 1300 32 62 92 to find out how you can properly dispose of your medical waste.

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