E-Waste Recycling

E-waste recycling made easy

If you’ve got e-waste, let one of Australia’s most experienced e-waste recyclers tailor the perfect solution for you.

E-waste disposal solutions tailored to your needs

We have collection solutions for all sizes, from boxes to stillages and crane trucks, ensuring there’s no waste we can’t collect.

We accept and recycle all types of e-waste including computers, televisions, mobile phones and game consoles. Additionally, your old hard drives are disposed of in a way to wipe old data, keeping your privacy safe.

E-waste recycling

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Meet ISO 14001 and environmental targets

Meet your certification and environmental policy targets. We provide recycling certificates on request, helping you meet your sustainability requirements and win important tenders.

Join thousands of businesses Australia wide doing their part

We service thousands of businesses (we’re part of Apple’s recycling chain) all across Australia doing their part to keep e-waste and other mercury waste out of our landfill.

With our purpose built facilities in every state, we can provide a collection solution to you from anywhere in Australia.

Got other waste?

We also recycle other waste such as lighting waste (fluorescent tubes, lamps, etc), batteries, and even medical waste like dental amalgam and x-rays.

Start recycling your e-waste today

When it comes to recycling your e-waste it couldn’t be easierIf you are a business or government organisation, you can include e-waste as part of your regular Ecocycle collection.

Fill in the form below or give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 to speak with an e-waste recycling specialist: