What Can 22 Million Recycled Phones Do?

Mobile phones recycling

Remember the days when you could angrily hang up with a flip phone, or play snake on an indestructible old Nokia? Those days are sadly now gone, replaced with smart phones and social media; causing us to chuck our old phones into the household clutter, ready to collect dust.

Australia’s E Waste Problem

It’s estimated that there are over 22 million unwanted and defunct mobile phones in Australia. If disposed of thoughtlessly they represent a significant electronic waste problem.

However, with a bit of thought on their owners’ part, they also represent a huge e waste recycling opportunity. That’s because when we recycle e waste, we not only recover a number of valuable materials, we also save heaps of energy.

If we were to recycle all 22 million phones, it would avoid the need to mine over 69,000 tonnes of metal, and carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by over 9,000 tonnes.

Melbourne Expects Three Million Phones to be Recycled

Electronic waste is an ever-growing problem in Australia, but Mobile Muster is doing something about it this World Environment Day – June 5.

Mobile Muster is a not-for-profit scheme, which provides a simple solution to mobile phone recycling, allowing Australians to chuck out their unused phones to help the environment.

This year, it’s estimated that Melbourne will recycle 3 million unused mobile phones, preventing 1,300 tonnes of CO2 being released. That’s the equivalent of planting 8,000 trees or taking 365 cars off the road.

See how well your area did:

e waste mobile recycling table

If you have any old phones that you want to throw away, you can find drop-off points on Mobile Muster’s website here, or print off reply paid labels and post them in.

Recycling Electronics– More Than Just Phones

There is far more to e waste disposal than just mobile phones. Think of all the printers, computers, TVs and electronic toys that contribute to our e waste management problems. Electronic recycling solutions exist for all of these items too.

Various programs exist for recycling e waste of different types. For example computer and television recycling is covered by a national scheme, and some retailers and council collect batteries for recycling, so be sure to check them out.

Got Lots of Electronic Waste? Talk To Us

Ecocycle offers commercial-scale e waste recovery solutions that ensure the proper recycling of both the valuable and the harmful materials found in e waste. Not only that, we ensure the effective destruction of all electronic data contained on hard drives. Contact us below for further details.

Recycling e waste is everyone’s responsibility. Even if proposed bans on e waste disposal in landfill come into force, it will still be up to each of us to ensure that this type of waste ends up in an appropriate electronic recycling program.

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