Ecocycle provides recycling certificates to confirm safe destruction of e-waste, mercury-containing products

When you recycle with Ecocycle you can be assured that your waste will be processed to the highest standards of environmental and human safety.

For additional reassurance, we provide recycling certificates on request.

But what is a recycling certificate and why might you want one?

A recycling certificate clearly documents what you have done to dispose of your waste in an environmentally sound manner.

It details the type of waste that we receive from you (e.g. e-waste, fluorescent tubes and globes), and the weight of the waste that has been recycled.

In the case of mercury-containing waste, the certificate confirms that it has been processed using vacuum distillation to provide the best environmental outcome while recovering high purity mercury for reuse.

Recycling certificates are available for all types of waste that we process.

Here are four good reasons why you may want to request a recycling certificate for each batch of material that we recycle for you:

1. Demonstrate your good environmental credentials

Most people and organisations prefer to deal with businesses that act responsibly and care for the environment.

Our recycling certificates can be framed for your office wall, posted on your website and used in your sales presentations.

They provide documentary evidence that your environmental credentials are built on action, not just words.

2. Show compliance with internal policies

Regardless of the size or type, all organisations should have detailed environmental policies.

Recycling should have a prominent place in these policies, and specifically mention common hazardous items such as mercury-containing fluorescent lighting and e-waste such as old computers.

Where relevant, dental amalgam and medical waste should also get a mention.

Recycling certificates provide written evidence of compliance with these policies and can be used in communications with all stakeholders including company shareholders, employees, customers and the local community.

3. Prove compliance with government requirements

Several government-mandated energy efficiency schemes operate around Australia. One example is the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET).

Among other things, this has seen the replacement of millions of energy-gobbling halogen lamps and mercury-containing fluorescent lamps and tubes with more energy efficient lighting.

Naturally, regulators need to ensure the integrity of each scheme.

In the case of lighting, they require confirmation that old lamps have been destroyed and are not sold to dodgy operators and reinstalled somewhere else.

Ecocycle certifies the destruction of all lighting waste delivered to us as under these schemes.

4. Be assured that sensitive data has been destroyed

We physically demolish the hard drives of computers before recycling them to ensure all personal and sensitive data is destroyed.

Our certificates provide you with confirmation that this has been done, giving you peace of mind.

A simple request

It’s easy to arrange for us to create recycling certificates for your waste. All you need to do is ask and we take care of the rest.

Would you like to know more about the certified recycling of all types of mercury-containing waste, lighting, e-waste, batteries and more?

Just give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 or complete the form below.


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