Five ways recycling can boost your business

Five Ways Recycling Can Boost Your Business

Research by the NSW EPA into the waste and recycling activities and attitudes of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reveals that businesses recognise a number of benefits of recycling.

According to the Business Recycling/Planet Ark report, understanding the attitudes towards waste and recycling was vital in determining how to reduce the large volumes of waste being sent to landfill. It also highlighted several benefits of recycling and why businesses choose to recycle.

Here are five ways recycling can boost your business:

1. It gives your business a competitive edge

Whether it’s through improved public perception of a company or simply making more efficient use of materials, the report revealed that 53% of businesses viewed efficient waste and recycling as providing businesses with a competitive edge.

2. It helps to win or retain business

According to the report, 40% of businesses agreed that being able to tell customers that they recycle as much as possible helped them win or retain business. This was particularly the case for service industries exposed to more discretionary spending, such as cafes, restaurants and business services, compared to businesses delivering necessities in the health and community services sectors.

3. It motivates staff

People like to work for good companies, and the report showed that 51% of companies agreed that reducing waste and improving recycling was a big motivator of staff. It’s well recognised that good corporate reputations make it easier to recruit and retain good workers, and that flows straight through to the bottom line.

4. It’s part of being a sustainable, ethical business

It should come as no surprise that most businesses view themselves as being ethical and sustainable. More than three quarters of businesses agreed that reducing waste and increasing recycling was part of their ethics, the report revealed.

What’s interesting is that while most companies identify with the ethical aspects of recycling, many of these don’t perceive that it helps them win business. Yet, most people prefer to buy from sustainable and ethical businesses, and many companies require their suppliers to adhere to strict environmental standards. Recycling probably has a greater influence on winning business than many companies give it credit for.

5. It doesn’t cost much

More than two thirds of businesses surveyed said that their recycling bill was only a small fraction of their operation costs. However, a similar number also said the same about their waste disposal bill. Low waste disposal costs actually make it less likely for businesses to pursue new recycling initiatives.

But here’s a thought. If recycling is such a small cost, then broadening recycling activities is an affordable way to reap the other benefits, mentioned above.

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