Ecocycle unveils new branding

It’s a new day for Australasia’s leading mercury recycler, Ecocycle, after the company revamped its branding to strengthen its various recycling services.

Ecocycle, formerly CMA Ecocycle, recently updated its branding to highlight its different business units, which will also include Ecobatt and Ecoe-waste.

“There are so many different products that can be recycled in the sector today, however we focus on specific products and niche markets rather than being a general waste company,” said Ecocycle’s Business Development Manager Daryl Moyle.

“The idea is to help customers distinguish our different services, so having a specific brand like Ecobatt will help customers identify us as a battery recycler.”

The new branding comes as the company continues to invest in modern equipment and technology.

“We’re investing in a battery recycling plant comprising new technology that is the first of its kind in Australia. It will bring new solutions to the world of recycling in a big way,” Mr Moyle said.

The company is also investing in new downstream sorting machinery for e-waste that will transform sorting processes, as well as safety equipment specifically designed for dealing with lithium ion batteries.

Ecocycle is Australia’s only company to be fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in each state to oversee the entire process of recycling mercury-containing waste.

Ecocycle specialises in recycling batteries, lighting and e-waste, as well as mercury-containing waste from the dental, medical, mining, gas, and petro-chemical industries.

Ecocycle is part of Recycal, an experienced metal recycling group that provides a range of metal recycling solutions.

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