Laser Group And Ecocycle Switch On Lighting Recycling Partnership

It might not quite have been love at first sight, but when Laser Group and Ecocycle first met they were clearly a perfect match.

Laser Group is a leading network of electrical and plumbing contractors spread across Australia. Ecocycle is Australia’s only fully licensed recycler of mercury and a major battery recycler.

Many of Laser Group’s national network of nearly 90 electrical contracting firms are helping Australian householders and businesses slash their greenhouse gas emissions and save money by installing new, energy-efficient lighting.

The problem is, much of the lighting that is being replaced, including fluorescent tubes, high bay lights and compact fluorescent lamps, contains mercury.

While the hazards of mercury are well known, most lighting waste is dumped into landfill. When lamps break that mercury can leach into waterways and the wider environment.

With Ecocycle able to recycle all the materials contained in lighting, including the mercury, there’s really no excuse for sending lighting waste to the tip.

So when Laser Group was looking for a recycling company they could partner with, Ecocycle was an obvious choice.

Laser Group’s CEO Steve Keil said the fit was more than just technical.

“Laser Group has always had a strong commitment to safety and environmental protection,” he said.

“In our view, recycling is simply the right thing to do, and we recognised in Ecocycle that same level of commitment. They are genuinely dedicated to delivering a cleaner environment.”

Preferred Supplier

A mutual desire to ensure the best possible environmental outcome led to Laser Group appointing Ecocycle as their preferred supplier for lighting waste and battery recycling services.

Ashley Clemmett, General Manager – Member Network Support at Laser Group Australia, said there were many reasons underpinning the appointment.

“Aside from their impressive technology, Ecocycle provides a really simple logistical solution that scales to the needs of our members. They also collect metal lighting frames for recycling, and given that our members are spread across Australia, it was a big tick that Ecocycle also services all states and territories,” he said.

“Unfortunately, there are some questionable operators in the lighting recycling sector, so while our members are independent businesses and choose their own suppliers, we strongly recommend that they use Ecocycle.”

Special Prices

Preferred supplier status also provides financial benefits.

“Because of the size of the Laser Group network we are able to offer their members discounted pricing on our recycling services,” said Tyson Ord, National Sales Manager at Ecocycle.

Ecocycle exhibited at Laser Group’s 2017 conference, Lasercon, and attracted many visitors.

“It was a great opportunity to talk to a lot of Laser Group members about the importance of recycling fluorescent lighting,” he said.

Some were quick to see the light.

“Laser Electrical Carrum Downs soon began working with us. They have been contracted to replace the old lighting in 50 Spotlight stores around Australia with energy-efficient LED lighting, and in keeping with the Laser Group motto of ‘totally dependable’, they can guarantee to their client that all of the lighting waste will be safely and responsibly recycled.”

Getting Involved

Mr Ord said that with a growing number of potential customers insisting that their contractors meet high environmental standards, it’s more important than ever to work with the right recycling partners.

Laser Electrical members seeking simple, effective lighting and battery recycling solutions can contact Ecocycle on 1300 32 62 92 in Australia or 0800 102 131 in New Zealand.

If your organisation wants to clean up its lighting act and save money, look up your nearest Laser Electrical member.

And if your electrical contracting firm is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service, and would like to reap the benefits of a suite of proven business systems, tools and training, call Laser Group on 1300 GET LASER or visit


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