Why are smart lights a better option for lighting?

Smart lights are changing our homes and workplaces for the better, using much less electricity and offering automation bonuses over traditional light bulbs.

There has been a real buzz around smart lights, as one of the everyday items that most people can automate in their own home thanks to the rise of smart home technology.

These internet-connected light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are great for managing your home and work lighting more efficiently, but they also have fun features like turning off the lights with your voice and switching between different colours.

While smart lights may cost a little more than halogen and fluorescent lights initially, they end up being a much more affordable option over time.

Here are the main reasons why smart lights are better than traditional light bulbs:

Smart lights are more efficient

Smart lights get top points for energy efficiency because LEDs produce the most amount of light using the least amount of electricity.

LEDs use roughly 75% less energy than your typical halogen bulb and can run five to 10 times longer too.

Since LEDs require less energy to run and last longer, they offer some impressive cost savings.

You can recoup the up-front cost of an LED bulb in less than a year through lower electricity costs and fewer replacement bulbs.

Smart lights are recyclable

Smart lights are important for the future of the environment because LEDs last far longer than other bulbs and can be recycled.

By recycling LEDs, people can play a part in reducing the huge volumes of lighting waste that end up in landfill every year since incandescent and halogen lights can’t be recycled.

Recycling smart lights also recovers resources like glass and metals from old bulbs and allows manufacturers to reuse them in new products.

One thing to remember is that you can’t put old smart lights in your home recycling bin — to recycle smart lights and other LED bulbs, they must be dropped off at collection points found at RecyclingNearYou.

Smart lights are the future

Smart lights also offer some nifty technological advantages like switching them on and off remotely or with your voice.

You can also set these lights to sensors and timers, so that they only work when people need them, rather than running 24/7.

Optimising smart lights to only operate at times when they are needed means bulbs should last even longer and minimise wasted electricity.

Smart lights are particularly useful for workplaces, especially companies and large organisations that want to lower their power bills and improve their sustainability credentials.

Get tailored smart light recycling

If you’re a large business or organisation thinking about using smart lights or regular LEDs, then you need a solution for your old and broken bulbs.

Ecocycle is Australia’s largest lighting and mercury waste recycler and provides commercial-scale lighting waste programs for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

The team at Ecocycle can create a tailored lighting recycling solution for your workplace, taking care of everything from the supply and pick-up of collection boxes to the provision of recycling certificates.

To learn more about our lighting waste services, fill out the form below or give us a call on 1300 32 62 92.


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