A Major Step Towards A Cleaner Dental Industry

The Industry is pleased to announce a ground-breaking agreement that will help to significantly reduce the amount of toxic mercury that enters the environment.

All major companies that currently supply amalgam retention cups to dentists, Cattani, Ritter Dental with their Metasys range and Dürr (on behalf of their agents) Henry Schein, Ivoclar, Sirona and William Green, have entered into signed exclusive agreements that will ensure their amalgam retention cups will only be sold on a replacement (change over) basis through Ecocycle.

Dentists will now purchase the amalgam retention cups of their choice directly from Ecocycle at a price that includes recycling costs. An old cup will need to be returned for each new cup purchased.

The outcome was achieved with the co-operation and support of the Department of the Environment, councils, the EPA and Water Boards.

Ecocycle General Manager, Mr Nick Dodd, said this initiative is a big step towards guaranteeing that the waste amalgam collected in dental surgeries, and the old cups, are responsibly recycled.

“At present a lot of dentists that have retention systems simply throw their full amalgam cups into their general waste. This gets dumped in landfill from where mercury can leak into the wider environment.” Mr Dodd said. “At around $12.00 per week before tax, the cost is just so small that it is astounding such a professional industry should allow something as dangerous as mercury to continue to go into our waterways and landfills. This initiative will go a long way in helping to make our environment a better place for our kids, our grandkids and us.”

“Ecocycle will continue to work closely with the Australian Dental Association to support its goal of having amalgam retention systems installed in all dental practices,” Mr Dodd said.

Dental amalgam is a good example of a truly closed recycling loop. Mercury extracted from waste amalgam is purified and returned to the dental industry for the manufacture of new amalgam. At present only a small fraction of waste amalgam is sent for recycling.

Federal Minister for the Environment, Mr Greg Hunt, praised the agreement. “This is a great example of industry self-regulating to achieve a very positive environmental outcome,” he said. “I would encourage every dentist in Australia to fit and maintain dental amalgam separators to reduce mercury pollution of the environment.”

Mr Hunt pointed out that small businesses such as dental practices are able to claim an immediate tax deduction for assets that cost less than $20,000 up until 30 June 2017. There is no better time for dentists to invest in a retention system for their surgery.

Start Recycling Your Dental Amalgam

Ecocycle makes it easy for dentists to recycle their amalgam. To find out more about the new agreement, and to get started recycling, call 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form below and speak with one of our dental consultants:


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