The Easy Way For Businesses To Recycle X-Rays And Film

Like most areas of imaging, X-rays have gone digital, but there are still large quantities of old, silver-based X-ray film filling up storage space in hospitals and radiology centres around Australia. Just as vinyl records still have their fans, silver-based films remain in use in some parts of the imaging industry.

If you’re an Australian business – whether it be a hospital, a radiology clinic or any other health service that uses X-ray imaging, then you could be sitting on a pile of X-ray films or other types of silver-based film that could be recycled. So we’ve prepared a simple guide for businesses that explains how you can clean up on your X-ray film and recycle it.

Recycling X-ray films is easy

  1. Just fill in our enquiry form or call us. One of our X-ray film recycling specialists will obtain the details of your film and/or chemical recycling requirements and the volumes involved.
  2. We will arrange pickup of your films and chemicals.
  3. For smaller quantities, a pickup and recycling fee applies. For larger volumes our service is either free, or you may even receive payment for your old X-ray films.

That’s it!

What Happens To The Films And Chemicals?

The main aim of X-ray recycling is the recovery of silver from both films and chemicals. The silver is then sold into the precious metals market.

Residual chemicals are handled according to EPA requirements. Where possible they are recycled, or neutralised and disposed of as trade waste.

More Than Just X-Ray Recycling

We also recycle other waste such as lighting waste (fluorescent tubes, lamps, etc)e-waste (laptops, mobile phones, computers), and other types of medical waste and dental amalgam.

Start Recycling Today

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