How Australian businesses can dispose of and recycle light bulbs

Around Australia the main method of dealing with lighting waste is to dump it in a hole in the ground, cover it over and forget about it.

That’s despite the fact that the majority of lighting waste being dumped in landfills contains the toxic metal mercury.

Over time, mercury can leach from landfill into waterways, then into the ocean before ending up in the fish we eat.

Change, however, is coming.

South Australia is leading the way, and banned the disposal of fluorescent lighting and other mercury-containing lighting to landfill in 2012.

Victoria is working to introduce a wide-ranging ban on dumping of e-waste in landfill that will include lighting waste. The ban is expected to come into force in 2018.

It’s only a matter of time before other states follow suit or run the risk of becoming the dumping grounds of hazardous waste from interstate.

This means that lighting recycling for business is an issue that will only grow in importance. This then begs the question: “How can businesses dispose of light bulbs in Australia?”

As major generators of lighting waste from warehouses and office buildings, all businesses need to be aware of these developments, their responsibilities and the possibilities.

While many businesses engage third party contractors to manage their lighting replacements, they can (and should) stipulate that all lighting waste be properly recycled by a suitably qualified operator.

Easier than you think

The good news is that recycling lighting is simple, convenient, effective and safe.

Ecocycle is Australia’s most experienced and only fully licenced recycler of mercury.

Our specialised equipment is specifically designed to safely process lighting waste.

Not only that, we also provide a range of solutions for the collection and shipping of lighting waste from just about anywhere in Australia to one of our many facilities.

Whether you’re dealing with carton quantities of light globes or truckloads of fluorescent tubes, finding a solution for lighting recycling in your business is only a phone call away.

Get involved

So, let’s get cracking and recycle light bulbs in Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. From the bottom of Tassie to the top of Cape York businesses are getting into the lighting recycling habit and making a real contribution to the wellbeing of both people and the environment.

Simply call us on 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form below and one of our lighting waste specialists will run you through how easy it is to recycle your lighting waste.


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