Ecocycle Head Office

The Ecocycle Head Office

Ecocycle is Australasia’s most experienced mercury recovery and recycling company.

We are the only company to be fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Agencies in each state to handle the entire process of recycling mercury-containing waste.

Our state of the art equipment allows us to safely recover mercury from:

We continue to invest in new equipment and purpose-built sites, recycling mercury in every capital city in Australia. Ecocycle is part of Recycal, an experienced metal recycling group that provides a range of metal recycling solutions.

Mercury recycling equipment

We offer more than just a recycling service.

Through our exclusive agency agreements with Swedish companies MRT Systems, the leading manufacturer of mercury recycling equipment, and Sweden Recycling (SRAB), the leading manufacturer of amalgam separators, we also supply a range of quality mercury recovery equipment throughout Australia.

Our history

Ecocycle Industries was formed in 1996 to focus on silver recovery. As digital technology took over the imaging industry, it turned its attention to mercury, and in 2000 Ecocycle purchased ARA. ARA had been recycling mercury for some years but was experiencing a number of difficulties, so Ecocycle Industries set about the task of modernising the equipment and educating industry on the importance of mercury recycling.

Later in 2007 CMA Corporation bought Ecocycle Industries and changed the name to CMA Ecocycle. Key members of the original Ecocycle management team left the business in 2010 and formed metals recycling company Recycal.

In late 2013 CMA Corporation went into administration. Left without a viable mercury recycling service, industry encouraged the original management of CMA Ecocycle Industries to again take on the role of Australia’s leading mercury recycler. Later in 2013 Recycal took over all assets of CMA Ecocycle, including the name, and with great support from MRT Systems quickly put neglected equipment back into service.

In 2019, the CMA was dropped, and the company was rebranded as Ecocycle.

See the difference

Today’s Ecocycle is managed by a highly experienced team that is committed to servicing industry and protecting the environment.

Staff profiles

Nick Dodd

Nick Dodd

Nick has been working with the recycling industry for over 10 years and has had a close association with Ecocycle.

He successfully ran his own business for over 15 years and is well placed to take on the day to day management of a national recycling company.

He brings a fresh approach to the business, developing a strong team of customer focused employees who have a strong penchant for process excellence.

Tyson Ord

Tyson Ord

Tyson is exceptionally well trained and experienced in sales and marketing. He has been working in the sales industry for over 10 years and is strongly customer focused.

His success has come from working in team environments and establishing open and honest customer relationships.

Understanding the recycling process and how this applies in the real world helps him to provide long term solutions that are simple and effective.

Ian Crawford of Ecocycle

Ian Crawford

Ian has over 40 years experience in the Dental Industry and is well known by both the dental profession and dental companies throughout Australia.

He served as Project Manager to the Australian Dental Association (Victoria Branch) for the very successful “Dentists for Cleaner Water” program. This exercise was created to ensure that amalgam retention was installed and, more importantly, amalgam waste (mercury) was not disposed of through our waterways and landfill.

Ian continues this role with us today seeking out dental practices that don’t yet have amalgam separators installed, and encouraging those who have to make sure their waste material is recycled in the correct manner through Ecocycle.

Peter Cage

Peter Cage

Peter has extensive recycling industry knowledge and brings to the business strong management expertise with a particular emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Peter heads up our Battery Recycling programme nationally and is a key member of the strategy team in the development of the Company’s Battery Division.

Luke Harris (NSW St Marys)

Luke Harris (NSW St Marys)

Luke has been working in the metal and mercury recycling industry for well over 10 years and has made it his career. He has worked up from the bottom to become the manager in NSW. This development of his skill set has given him the enviable position of understanding all stages of the business.

He is now perfectly placed to take on the challenge of running the NSW site. Luke fits well within the team as he has worked with Nick, Peter and Doug for many years and established himself as a trusted and strongly customer focused team member.

Adam Hansen

Adam Hansen

Adam has over 17 years of business, operations and sales management experience with the past 9 years in the Metals and other Recycling Industries.

He is an open-minded, friendly and resourceful leader with a logical and practical approach to problem solving while striving to meet customer needs with a can-do attitude.

Adam has taken over our South Australia operations where he is looking forward to furthering his career in Recycling in this unique and ethical industry.

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

Danielle is one of the key members of our sales team.

She brings exceptional sales and administration experience to Ecocycle, and has a true understanding and passion for her role.

Danielle has a strong commitment to improving her skills and thrives when learning new things. Her objective in life is to enjoy what she does every day.

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Ecocycle is JAS-ANZ and ISO accredited

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