How does Ecocycle collect, transport, store and recycle lighting?

Ecocycle provides complete lighting recycling solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Because we control the entire process from start to finish, you can rest assured that your waste lighting will be recycled responsibly, safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Here’s how we collect, transport, store and recycle lighting:


Our involvement begins right at the point where lighting becomes waste – at your premises. We supply collection containers matched to your needs, including:

  • Prepaid cartons and boxes that hold a few hundred light globes, compact fluorescent lamps or fluorescent tubes. The price includes delivery, collection and recycling costs
  • Wheelie bins for globes and tubes. These are well suited to council waste lighting collection points
  • Stillages (skips) that can take up to 1,500 fluoro tubes are suitable for contractors undertaking large lighting replacement projects
  • Wheeled and lockable coffin bins that are ideal for moving around workplaces while preventing unauthorised access.

Ecocycle takes care of all collections from customers’ premises. While we’re at it we can also take away your old lighting frames for recycling.


We use a range of trucks matched to the type of collection container to transport lighting waste.

All trucks are company-owned vehicles and our drivers are company employees fully trained in the handling and transport of hazardous waste.


Sometimes it is necessary to store lighting waste until a sufficient quantity is available to allow for economical shipment to the final point of processing, such as a full semi-trailer load.

In some states we crush and separate the lighting waste into its main components. Crushing reduces the volume of waste that needs to be stored and shipped.

Separation allows non-hazardous materials such as aluminium and steel to be removed at an early stage for local recycling.

The remaining crushed waste is stored under cover in sealed 44-gallon drums.


At present, final processing of all lighting waste takes place at our state-of-the-art Campbellfield facility in Melbourne.

If not already done, lamps go through the crushing and separation process, with the resulting components diverted to their relevant recycling streams.

The aluminium could end up in anything from cooking foil to drinks cans.

The glass may come back as insulation in a new home.

The phosphor powder can be used to make new lamps, and the mercury is sought after for making dental amalgam.

Don’t let lighting go to waste

While most lighting waste is still dumped in landfills, state governments are progressively moving to ban this practice. It’s unnecessary, dangerous and leads to the loss of valuable resources.

Whatever the scale of lighting waste that your organisation generates, we have a solution to match.

Call us on 1300 326 292 or fill out the form below to find out how to close the loop and recycle your lighting.


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