What types of lighting can schools recycle?

Schools do a great job of encouraging and implementing recycling programs. But have you ever wanted to know what types of lighting schools can recycle?

The short answer is: all types of lighting can be recycled by schools.

Now let’s delve into the details.

Fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) make up most of the lighting used in most schools.

They also represent the main environmental hazard due to the mercury they contain.

As long as fluorescent tubes and CFLs remain intact that mercury isn’t a problem.

But if the tubes break, as is likely if they are dumped in landfill, mercury can leach into our waterways and coastal waters, be taken up by fish, and end up on our dinner plates.

It’s the same story with the high-intensity sodium vapour lamps used in gyms and sporting halls.

Although fewer in number, they contain higher levels of mercury.

Fortunately, all these types of lamps can be safely recycled.

Halogen lights

These little lights may be great for illuminating young minds, but they are real energy gobblers.

A number of state energy efficiency schemes exist that subsidise the replacement of halogen down lights with far more efficient LED lights.

But what to do with all those replaced lights?

Halogen lights are mostly made of glass with some base metals, so the answer is to recycle them, of course.

Energy efficiency schemes may require proof of destruction.

As part of the recycling process, we can provide recycling certificates as proof that responsible destruction has taken place.

Incandescent light globes

Energy-hungry, old-style filament light globes still turn up in moderate numbers, and while they don’t represent an environmental hazard, it’s still worthwhile recovering the glass and metal they contain.

From ‘what’ to ‘how’

Schools are rapidly becoming hotbeds of recycling, with a wide range of waste types appearing on their recycling radar.

Today’s school students could be Generation R (for recycling). For them, recycling will be second nature.

That’s the ‘what’ of lighting recycling for schools, but what about the ‘how’?

It’s actually really easy. We can provide schools directly with appropriate collection solutions to suit the volume of lighting waste they generate.

If schools engage electrical contractors to manage their lighting replacement they can stipulate that all lighting waste must be recycled.

We can then work with those contractors and provide recycling certificates, so schools know that recycling has actually occurred.

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