Dentists, When Was The Last Time Your Amalgam Filter Was Serviced?

Amalgam separators are so unobtrusive it’s easy to forget that they are there.

Connected to the drainage system of dental chairs, all they need is the power of gravity to trap dental amalgam and prevent large quantities of mercury from entering the environment.

Because your amalgam separator works away quietly in the background, many dental clinics forget that their dental amalgam filters need to be serviced and cleaned regularly.

As it does its job collecting amalgam waste, your amalgam separator will eventually get full and lose its effectiveness. When full, the separator will cease capturing amalgam and the waste will overflow into the sewerage system, dumping mercury into the wider environment.

Additionally, depending on your separator, you might run into other issues such as a loss of suction in your system.

How Often Should I Service My Filter?

Some systems have computer controlled read outs that will warn you when they require replacing (e.g. Cattani).

Other smaller amalgam separators like Metasys, Durr, William Green and Sirona will require replacement quarterly or bi-annually.

The Ecocycle AS04 amalgam separator must be serviced annually. As part of the annual service, your fully amalgam filter is replaced with a clean and empty one.

The whole process takes about 5-15 minutes and can be scheduled for a time that suits the dental practice, meaning you can continue with business as usual with minimal interruption.

We’re Here To Help

Ecocycle is Australia’s largest mercury recycler and we’re here to help you service your amalgam filter. We have agreements in place to change over ALL brands of amalgam separators and can arrange this for anywhere in Australia.

Need An Amalgam Filter?

If you’re not sure if you’ve got an amalgam filter, we can help you join the thousands of Australian dentists capturing amalgam waste from extracted fillings. The ECOAS404 Amalgam Separator includes a lifetime warranty and offers a total solution for your clinic.

Call Ecocycle on 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form below and speak with one of our dental consultants today:


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