How Your Workplace Can Run Its Own Battery Recycling Scheme

Did you know that old batteries can be recycled?

Even better, did you know you could set up your own workplace scheme in the office or warehouse to collect old batteries from both work and home?

Join the thousands of Australian workplaces making a real difference. Recycling your old batteries makes a real contribution to cleaning up the environment, and it’s dead easy. Anyone in a company can get the ball rolling.

Here’s how to do it.

Get The Boss Onside

This step is easy if you are the boss, but if not you will need to get his or her permission.

Download our battery recycling brochure, then talk to your boss about the hazards discarded batteries pose, how it’s a waste of resources just to throw them away, and how there is a simple solution that cleans up battery waste both in the workplace and in your workmates’ homes.

Most importantly, mention how easy it is to setup, and how great it is for showing your customers you’re a environmentally conscious business.

Get A Battery Bucket

Once you have permission you just need to get your purchasing officer or office administrator to order one of our battery buckets.

These come in either 5 or 11 litre sizes, and the cost includes delivery, pick-up and battery recycling costs. Each bucket can hold thousands of button batteries or hundreds of larger batteries.

Promote Your In-Office Battery Recycling Scheme

Once your battery bucket arrives let your workmates know where it is and what they can put in it.

You could run a ‘recycle batteries’ day to kick things off, with spot prizes for good recyclers. Then it’s a matter of keeping the program running with regular reminders and progress updates on how the bucket is filling up.

Return And Restart

When your battery bucket is full just give us a call and we’ll arrange pickup. We can supply a fresh bucket at the same time, to keep your own little battery recycling scheme humming along.

Recycling Feels Good

Many million of batteries get thrown away each year in Australia, but it’s easy to get the good feeling that comes from making a difference.

Just call us on 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form, and one of our battery recycling experts will help you set up your workplace battery recycling scheme in no time.


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