How Recycling Your Computer Protects Your Privacy

Many studies have been conducted into the level of personal information that can be recovered from discarded or second hand computers and memory sticks. One Australian study found that most used memory cards purchased online had not been wiped, and around half contained information that could be used maliciously. Other researches have easily recovered data from dumped computers.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that ‘deleting’ a file does not actually remove it from your computer or memory card. It just deletes the index entry that the computer uses to find the file. Readily available software can find and restore ‘deleted’ files.

One solution is to install software that truly overwrites files with junk data, but this can be a time consuming process. In some cases, when a computer breaks down it may not be possible to undertake this disc cleaning at all, but people with the right equipment and experience could still rummage through your hard drive.

The simple solution is to recycle your old computer with Ecocycle. The first step in our recycling process is to remove the hard drives from computers and introduce them to our great green chomping machine. It cuts hard drives in half and takes just a moment to ensure that discs are utterly unreadable. The components are then responsibly recycled through our usual processes.

Recycling through the right channels also ensures proper disposal of your old computers. There are companies that refurbish computers (which includes the proper wiping of all data) and sell them to less developed countries. It’s a great idea that provides technology to people that might not otherwise be able to afford it and prolongs the life of computers. Unfortunately, many of these computers only have a short period of use in their new homes before they are dumped on river banks or in other inappropriate places.

So recycling provides two clear benefits – the proper recovery of the materials in each computer, and the effective destruction of the information that the computer held.

Protect Your Privacy And Do Your Part

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