Ecocycle Pty Ltd (Ecocycle) Terms and Conditions

Access & Equipment

1.1                The customer will provide Ecocycle with full access to the site to enable the services to be provided. In the event that Ecocycle attends the site and is unable to provide any part of the services because access is not available; the customer is to pay Ecocycle the appropriate fee (if any) for that part of the service which could not be provided.

1.2                The customer warrants that the ground surface is of suitable construction to adequately withstand the ingress and egress of heavy vehicles.

1.3                If Ecocycle equipment is damaged or requires repair as a result of misuse by, or the negligence of the customer, its servants or agents; the customer may be liable to reimburse Ecocycle for any costs or expenses incurred in carrying out the repair of equipment, including the replacement of any damaged parts.


2.1                The customer agrees to pay for the services at the rates of charges provided for by this agreement and Ecocycle’s price list.

2.2                Ecocycle will render invoices to the customer after a service has been completed (with the exception of prepaid boxes) stating the amount owing by the customer to Ecocycle and the customer agrees to pay the amount of the invoice within fourteen (14) days of the date of the invoice.

2.3                If the customer disputes any amount in an invoice, notice of the dispute is to be given to Ecocycle with fourteen (14) days of the date of invoice. The Customer must pay the total invoice amount less the disputed amount.

2.4                Ecocycle may, by notice in writing to the customer, vary the rates of charge. Notice to be given at least fourteen (14) days before the charge is to take effect. Any change to any rate of charge must be based on and be referrable to an increase in the costs of expenses incurred, or to be incurred, by Ecocycle in providing the services, including but not limited to the waste disposal costs (in the case of contaminated loads), fuel, labour, increases in processing costs, CPI and any applicable State/Federal taxes.

2.5                Ecocycle reserves the right to introduce a handling fee on loads containing large volumes of packaging, general waste and/or contamination not regarded as lamps, globes or tubes.

Liability and Indemnity of Ecocycle

3.1                The Customer expressly indemnifies Ecocycle against all liabilities, actions, claims, demands, costs and suits (including legal costs) of third parties for any matter arising from or in connection with the supply of the Services by Ecocycle or the operation of the equipment by Ecocycle or the customer.

  1. The Waste

4.1                The customer agrees not to, without Ecocycle’s prior written consent, place any of the following receptacles or allow any of the following to form part of the waste which Ecocycle is intended to remove;

(i)                   Excessive packaging or General Waste (putrescibles or non-putrescibles)

(ii)                 Any free flowing liquids viscous material, materials of an explosive nature, asbestos or materials containing asbestos,. Toxic or hazardous substances, or any other material the collection, transportation or disposal of which would be contrary to law or to any requirement of any government or statutory authority.

(iii)                Where possible, the customer agrees to utilise Ecocycles’ receptacles for their intended use for lighting waste and, wherever possible, provide a covered storage area to enable the waste to remain dry prior to processing.