Why big businesses should care if their electrical contractors recycle

Imagine you’re a facilities manager for a large company. It’s time to replace all the light globes in one of your major warehouses. So you get a couple of electrical contractors to give you a quote. Both offer similar quality lighting products, quick service to minimise business disruption, and clean-up and removal of all waste.

There are just two differences between them:

  • Contractor A will charge a bit more than Contractor B; and
  • Contractor A will provide a certificate of recycling to prove that all the lighting has been fully recycled, with the mercury contained in the high bay warehouse lights safely recovered for reuse.

Naturally, the cheaper option is the more tempting, but you ask Contractor B some probing questions.

They tell you that they will dispose of your lighting waste by dumping it to landfill, and that, even if it is illegal to send mercury-containing lighting waste to landfill in your state, that’s not a problem.

The contractor will ship your lighting waste to another state where such dumping remains legal.

So Contractor B is still cheaper and is acting within the law. Does that make it the best option for your company?

Internal standards

Like all large companies yours has an environmental policy.

If it states that, where practical, all waste is to be recycled your decision just became easier.

But if the guidelines aren’t that clear perhaps it will help to look at the full cost of the cheaper quote.

Still about the bottom line

It may seem that the only financial impact of your choice of contractor is the quoted amount, but think about this:

  • If your customers knew that your company used contractors that dumped mercury-containing lighting waste in landfill, would they be more or less likely to buy from you?
  • If your company is listed on the stock exchange, what would investors think? What impact will your environmental choices have on the share price?
  • To thrive, your company needs to attract the best and brightest employees. Will good people be attracted to a company that pays little regard to the environmental practices of its contractors?

Judged by the company you keep

Businesses aren’t just judged on their own behaviours and performances. The contractors they hire are a reflection of their attitudes and priorities.

Just think of the many well-known companies who have suffered significant reputational damage as a result of the practices of their suppliers, contractors and franchisees.

Enhancing reputations

When it comes to recycling lighting waste, battery waste and other electrical and electronic waste, Ecocycle is the right company to help enhance the reputation of your company.

With a team truly dedicated to delivering better environmental outcomes, we work with you and your contractors to tailor recycling solutions of the highest standard.

Give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 or complete the form below, and discover how our environmental reputation can benefit your business.


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