How your workplace can run its own lighting recycling scheme

Want to buff up your environmental credentials by starting a lighting recycling program in your workplace? It’s easy!

In fact, it takes just four simple steps to get up and running and protecting the environment.

But why recycle lighting? The big issue is that fluorescent lighting has a dark side.

It contains toxic mercury, a pollutant that contaminates the environment and even ends up in the fish on our dinner plates.

Recycling prevents that pollution and recovers mercury for safe reuse.

All lighting contains valuable materials too, including glass and aluminium that are better recycled than dumped into landfill.

Recycling’s bright side

You’ll need management approval to kick off lighting recycling in your workplace. That will be easier if the boss understands the costs of not recycling.

Also, ask them to allow everyone to bring their dead lighting of all types from home. That’ll provide an additional bonus for the environment.

One of the benefits of implementing a lighting recycling program with Ecocycle is that we can provide a recycling certificate to complement your workplace’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and ISO environmental demands. This could be a good case to put forward when trying to convince management to get on board with a workplace lighting recycling program.

Ecocycle conveniently collects all types of lighting waste, and supplies contractors with certification that the lamps have been destroyed.

We also ensure that all old lighting waste is properly recycled, which is particularly important in the case of mercury-containing lighting waste.

Shameless Promotion

To really reap the benefits of having a lighting recycling program in your workplace you may need to promote it.

A few well-placed posters, some compelling emails and social media posts (check our news section for informative articles you can link to) and some not-so-subtle hints sprinkled through your tearoom conversations will help to educate and motivate your workmates to support the program.

There’s nothing like a bit of team recycling to get people feeling good about themselves and the organisation they work for.

Remember, just four easy steps:

  1. Call us on 1300 32 62 92 and order a lighting recycling collection box. It will be delivered to your door
  2. Promote your workplace lighting recycling scheme and encourage staff to bring their old tubes and globes from home
  3. Fill up the box with lighting waste
  4. Call us to arrange collection of the full box and delivery of a new box.

Recycling doesn’t come much easier than that!


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