Ecocycle Now Under New Ownership

The assets and business name Ecocycle have been purchased from the receivers of CMA Recycling, PPB, and the business is now under the management of Nick Dodd and Doug Rowe. Doug is the owner of Recycal, a leading Australian-based integrated recycling group that provides a range of recycling services to industry.

As previous owners of Ecocycle we have been appalled at the way CMA have left the site and the equipment. Over $1 million of waste was left on the Campbellfield site and, in violation of the EPA licences that they held, the same thing was found at all sites around Australia.  The Swedish manufacturers of our key equipment have been on site for a number of months, working with our own staff trying to get this new equipment back into operation and the site cleaned up. The EPA have been very understanding and are working with us to re-establish the great service we gave and the name we had for all those years.

We do apologise about the wait in getting things back up and running, but we want to do it with all the correct permits and approvals from the authorities and with the mess we inherited cleaned up.  We continue to provide all the same services so if you have any queries on the safe recycling of mercury-containing waste, including fluorescent lamps, dental, medical and industrial waste, call us on (03) 9308 9415.

And remember, we also handle photographic and X-ray waste, electronic waste and batteries.

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