How a workplace e-waste recycling program can save your business money

E-waste is the fastest growing category of waste, fuelled by our insatiable appetite for the latest gadget and the sheer ubiquity of electrical and electronic equipment.

E-waste is something that every business needs to deal with but, in too many cases, the e-waste policy of the corporate sector is simply to dump it in a hole in the ground.

Fortunately, attitudes are changing, and it isn’t just the environment that benefits. E-waste recycling can also save businesses money.

Here’s how:

Lower costs today

Landfill levies now apply in most states and territories. Their objective is simple – to make landfill more expensive, and therefore recycling more financially attractive as a means of handling e-waste.

An added bonus comes when the states spend the money raised from waste levies to boost collection and recycling infrastructure.

Lower costs tomorrow

E-waste contains many different non-renewable resources that get lost in our cradle-to-grave economy. Ultimately, as key resources become scarce, the cost goes up.

By getting on board the cradle-to-cradle train, and by keeping these resources circulating in a recycling-based economy, businesses can help to place downward pressure on the future cost of their devices.

Avoid penalties

Some states are rolling out complete bans on disposing of e-waste to landfill, a move that will likely be followed by other states in the future. This may tempt some waste operators to resort to illegal dumping, a move that could blow back onto the original generators of the e-waste.

Clearly, the most sensible, ethical and practical method of avoiding any penalties associated with illegal dumping of e-waste is to recycle it.

Boost sales, retain good staff

People like to buy from good companies, and businesses operating in a wide range of industries find that, when it comes to making sales, good environmental credentials give them an edge over their less sustainable competitors.

It’s also the case that people like to work for good companies. Do the right thing and your talent will stick around, reducing your recruitment and training costs.

Clearly, to reap these benefits, companies need to make some noise about their achievements.

It’s also a good idea to be able to provide clear evidence of your good deeds. Ecocycle provides recycling certificates on request, so it’s easy for our customers to back up their recycling claims.

Got an e-waste problem?

If your business generates commercial quantities of e-waste, you’ll have an e-waste problem.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to fix. Ecocycle is one of Australia’s most experienced e-waste recyclers. We handle the entire process, including collection, so all it takes to get your e-waste recycling program off the ground is a phone call.

To find out more, give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form below and one of our e-waste specialists will help work out a solution tailored to your needs.


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