FluoroCycle: Cleaning Up Australia’s Lighting Industry

According to the Lighting Council of Australia (LCA), Australia’s peak lighting industry body, 90-95% of mercury-containing lighting waste is sent to landfill.

To help do something about that appalling figure, the LCA established FluoroCycle.

FluoroCycle is a voluntary product stewardship scheme. It aims to increase the level of fluorescent lamp recycling by targeting the commercial and industrial sectors where the bulk of waste lamps are generated.

FluoroCycle Targets Both Commercial Users & Facilitators

FluoroCycle aims to have two types of organisations signing up to the scheme.

Commercial users

Commercial users must commit to recycling all their mercury-containing lighting waste.

This group comprises universities and banks, government departments and manufacturing companies. In fact, pretty much any type of organisation that has an issue with fluorescent light tubes disposal.


Facilitators, on the other hand, commit to promoting recycling of fluorescent tubes and globes to their clients and networks.

Facilitators tend to be electrical contracting firms that undertake lighting replacements, councils that assist in collection of lighting waste and recycling companies like us. Of course, as everyone uses lighting, facilitators can also be commercial users.

What Do Signatories Get Out Of FluoroCycle?

For commercial users it’s mainly about recognition.

A listing on the FluoroCycle website is evidence that they are committed to disposing of fluorescent bulbs and tubes in a responsible manner. They gain the right to use the FluoroCycle logo and the chance to gain positive publicity via case studies in newspaper and journal articles and media releases.

In addition to the recognition, facilitators also gain the financial advantage of being the first businesses that commercial users will look to for assistance in getting a program in place to recycle their waste fluorescent lighting.

Need A Facilitator?

Although FluoroCycle already has an impressive list of high calibre signatories, it’s not an exclusive club. There’s room for thousands more organisations to join because, as a nation, our aim should be to recycle 100% of mercury-containing lamps.

Ecocycle is Australia’s largest and most experienced fluorescent lamps recycling company.

To find out how easy it is to recycle fluorescent tubes just fill in the form or call us on 1300 32 62 92. One of our lighting waste specialists will help your organisation become ‘FluoroCycle worthy’ in no time.


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