It’s Easy To Recycle E Waste

While an important part of our everyday life, technology is always changing and evolving.

Today’s new big thing is tomorrow’s electronic waste, and we are producing mountains of the stuff. Computers, TVs, phones and tablets contain a mix of both valuable and hazardous materials.

It’s really easy for businesses to responsibly manage electronic waste disposal with a tailored waste management program.

Recycle Your E-waste In Two Simple Steps

With two quick steps your e waste management problem is solved:

  1. Whether it’s for a one off pick up, or a regular collection program, simply get in touch with one of our e waste recycling specialists.  We will obtain details of the type of e waste and the volumes involved, and will provide a tailored solution to meet your e waste recycling needs.
  2. Once your waste is ready for collection, we can pick it up from your premises anywhere in Australia and ensure it is responsibly recycled. We can also provide certificates of recycling, helping you meet ISO 14001 and other environmental policies.

That’s it! Even better, if you are using our fluorescent lighting recycling service, we can save you money by picking up your e waste at the same time as we collect your lamps. We can also collect and process waste batteries, and dental & medical waste.

What Happens To E Waste?

With so many different materials contained in each item the electronic recycling industry is a real ecosystem, with different companies specialising in different materials and waste recovery technologies.

While we’re the go-to guys when it comes to mercury recycling (we’re even part of Apple’s recycling chain), we also sort, separate and recycle a number of other components, too.

By working together we can ensure that all the materials contained in any given item of e waste are recycled into new products, so that nothing goes into landfill or ends up being dumped in developing countries.

Additionally, your old hard drives are disposed of in a way to wipe old data, keeping your privacy safe.

Join The Thousands Of Australian Businesses Recycling Their E-Waste

Call us on 1300 32 62 92, or fill out the form and speak with one of our e waste recycling specialists today.


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