What’s a recycling certificate and what do I need it for?

A recycling certificate documents the amount and type of waste that your organisation has recycled.

The certificate can be used to show that your company is compliant with government standards and recycling policies, and shows your commitment to sustainable business standards.

Here are three ways in which recycling certificates can benefit your business:

1. Provide proof of compliance with government requirements

Several state governments have implemented energy efficiency schemes. The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) is a good example.

One eligible activity is the replacement of old, energy-inefficient lighting with more efficient lighting.

Contractors who undertake the lighting replacement can then create VEET certificates that can be sold to companies that need to buy them.

However, the contractor first needs to provide proof that the replaced lighting has been destroyed.

A Ecocycle recycling certificate contains full details of the waste that has been recycled, and is accepted as proof of destruction.

2. Document compliance with company policies

More and more organisations are recognising the importance of recycling and adopting targets for the type and amount of waste recycled.

Ecocycle’s recycling certificates help to demonstrate compliance with such policies, and because they stipulate the type and amount of waste recycled, they assist companies in auditing their progress and achievements on the recycling front.

3. Show that your commitment to sustainable business standards is more than just lip service

Recycling gives businesses a competitive edge, but to reap this benefit you need to tell your customers and potential customers about it.

Sure, statements of commitment and including the right words in your mission statement are important, but recycling certificates are the ideal way to demonstrate that your organisation puts its money where its mouth is.

Show off your achievements

Ecocycle’s recycling certificates are designed to show off your achievements.

They look equally good framed and hung on the walls of a dentist’s waiting room or displayed on a company website.

We can provide recycling certificates for all of the types of waste we process, including mercury-containing dental and medical waste, batteries, lighting and electronic waste and mining and resource industry waste.

The easy way to obtain recycling certificates is to recycle with Ecocycle.

Either request a certificate when you book your pickup or make just ask us to create certificates for each batch of waste we collect from you. Certificates will be issued once we verify the amount of type of waste.

Would you like to know more? Give us a call on 1300 32 62 92 or fill out the form below and we’ll help you get your recycling efforts certified.

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